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Contactless Delivery for $7.00 or shipping is FREE over $100.00 to Canada - Over $130 to USA
Contactless Delivery for $7.00 or shipping is FREE over $100.00


Hello Consignment world that we love!!  Sorry we haven’t posted much on what might be happening with our upcoming sale, but it really has been a wait and see how things develop kind of situation for us.  Even though our sale is scheduled for the time when things are supposed to start running again, we know that we can’t count on that at this time. 

We have approached Glenwood for later dates and unfortunately, they have a contract in place for floor hockey into June so it a no go for later dates.  We have emailed Gateway Community Center to see if we can get in later in May or June and we are still waiting to hear back. 

Know that we are sad that our event has to be canceled at this time, but we are trying to find other ways to make it work.  We do have the online site as an option for buying and selling. The clothes are in a germ free and travel free home, the kids have been home from school so no need to worry about contamination. 

We will drop your order off at your front door during these times, certain parts of the city will have a $5.00 fee, but we will be doing the deliveries ourselves because shipping is silly.  If you would like to sell please take into consideration that if you or your family has been feeling ill or has traveled recently, take the recommended time frame to self isolate and then contact us later. 

Thank you all for your support in the past and on into the future, stay safe and healthy and we will hopefully see you soon or for sure in the fall.

Chelsea and Kelly